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To keep your fingerprint scanner secure, the following components are important:. For overall security, recording fingerprint is as important as referring database for verification. There seems a flaw and inefficiency in the way fingerprints are stored. Looking at the case above, it appears that various fingerprint impressions gathered at the time of setup are stored as an independent set of data.

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When you scan a finger to unlock the device, the scan is compared against an array of the binary representation of fingers that were scanned at the time of setup. There appears to be a conceptual and fundamental problem in how the system currently works. I can not claim any use case where this could lead to a security-gap. But since the adaption of fingerprint-based authentication is increasing rapidly, and its usage has gone beyond just unlocking your device, it makes sense to improve the technology to bridge the gap.

At the time of setup, successive scans of the finger could be compared with each other to ensure that all the recorded scans were of the same finger. It is obvious to have some percentage of overlap between various scans.

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Such a thing would have stopped Prateek Dwivedi from scanning his finger when I was trying to setup the phone. This would have secured the way fingerprints are captured at the time of setup. Retrieval could be made more secure by not comparing the scan to unlock the device with just one of the pre-stored scans. Ideally, the scan will compare to a high degree with one of the stored representations, and it will also compare to all other scans to some degree. Instead of relying on just one optimal match, we should score the match based on a comparison from all the representations.

Accumulative percentage of comparison should be considered to authenticate. The bio-metric authentication is not yet secure enough. Recently, we have seen an inclination and shift towards using these techniques for payments and financial transactions as well.

The rise of mobile phones and IoT devices has added to the adaption of bio-metric authentication techniques. It is time to think more about making bio-metric authentication technology more secure and difficult to compromise. Sign in Get started. Home dev Learn to code for free. Ok so lets see what the guardian tab i- no i really would rather not have the free trial thank you. Ok so maybe I should turn on the keyboard. Encrypti- no i really dont want the free trial ok popup?

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Ok fine. Why even make these apps?? The world reeks with sick minded people. And continuously, I clicked no. However, it still brought me to a page on the app where it was connected to purchasing premium. By that point I was completely done with the app.

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App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Over 7 million people trust PassKey with their privacy.

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We have taken many steps to ensure your protection - Get peace of mind against hackers with PassKey. We have taken many steps to ensure your protection - thank you for using PassKey! Feb 17, Version 4. Information Seller DoubleVision Labs. Size