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The Dark World" uses a three-star rating system that encourages you to replay each stage. While your primary objective often consists of destroying an enemy base, you can get extra stars by beating levels quickly and defeating a specific number of foes. The simple control setup of "Thor: The Dark World" works well for a touch-based game, though the point-and-click system might turn off action fans who want to feel like they're performing every hit themselves. The game is sorely missing a zoom-out function for better strategic planning, so we recommend playing on a tablet rather than a smartphone.

The mobile game version of "Thor: The Dark World" is co-written by comic veteran Christopher Yost, though there's not much detail to the game's story.

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As in the movie, Thor's goal is to put an end to the malevolent Malekith's actions and restore order to the nine worlds that comprise the thunder god's fictional universe. While the game features voice-acted dialogue, you won't hear the voices of stars such as Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston playing the respective roles of Thor and Loki.

The acting is serviceable for a pocket-size game, and most of the chatter simply consists of a character telling Thor he needs to save the day. Playjam GameStick. The Dark World" takes you on a journey through five of the famed nine worlds from the comics, and each realm's unique aesthetic is presented well.

Thor: The Dark World Mobile Review

You'll also play through the ice world of Jotunheim, the grassy plains of Vanaheim, and the dark elf homeworld of Svartalfheim, which will be unlocked for players at a later date. You won't mistake the digitized God of Thunder for his movie counterpart, but both Thor and his supporting cast are rendered nicely in the game. The character's brown beard, flowing long hair, red cape and iconic gold-and-silver suit are crisp and detailed, and companions such as Odin, Sif and Fandral are just as well put-together.

Freemium games range from generous to money-grubbing, and "Thor: The Dark World" is unfortunately closer to the latter. While none of the game's stages are locked behind a paywall, you'll need either extreme patience or the willingness to spare some real-life cash to get through the whole thing. There are three forms of currency in "Dark World": Runes and Iso-8 can be earned by beating stages, and you can find additional runes by breaking barrels and treasure chests throughout the game world. You'll get some URU for free at the start, and you can earn more by completing in-game achievements.

Thor: The Dark World Mobile Review - Android, iOS Game

Runes are used mostly to unlock new characters and costumes, while Iso-8 is utilized to improve Thor's powers. URU is used to replenish Thor's health, making it the most frustratingly precious resource in the game. Thor can lose vitality quite easily if you're not careful, and the game prompts you to refill your health even if you don't have URU on hand.

If you do this, you'll be taken to a pay screen that asks if you'd like to buy more of it.

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URU is the only currency you'll buy with real money, technically speaking. You can then use URU to acquire more runes and Iso It costs 10 URU to heal Thor mid-battle, and 50 to bring him back to life after a defeat. The overall monetization system feels a bit cumbersome, and the game would be better off with just one or two forms of currency.

Hardcore Thor fans will be pleased to know that the game has a variety of unlockable suits, including his casual attire from "Dark World," an Old Thor variant, and his classic black-and-blue getup from the original comics.

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However, unlocking these suits can be a chore, as you'll need both a set amount of stars and a good chunk of runes that could otherwise be spent improving your arsenal. For Android, you'll need Android 2. We played "Dark World" on an iPhone 4S and experienced very little slowdown, save for a few cutscenes that were filled with characters. Dark World" provides a refreshing alternative that borrows from the PC hack-and-slashers of old.

These can often be achieved through playing, so you can go back and replay levels to build up your strengths again, those this 'grinding' quickly becomes boring because of the repetitive nature of the gameplay. The power of touch. The Dark World abandons traditional joystick movement in favor of a touch-to-move control system, such as that employed by Diablo.

Thor The Dark World Mobile Android, iOS Game

You simply need to tap the screen where you want Thor to move, and he will head in that direction. Attacks are predominantly performed using touch gestures. For example, you just tap on an enemy to carry out a regular attack, swipe two fingers on the screen to fire at bad guys and breakable objects, or draw a lightning bolt to perform a lightning attack. You can summon Asgardian allies and perform special attacks via on-screen action buttons.

The lavish 3D graphics and fantastic backgrounds give it a real Hollywood feel.

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The Dark World is suitably rousing, and the voice acting in the game is pretty good. The verdict. The Dark World brings very little originality to the crowded market of top-down adventure games. Fans of Thor will like the fluid way you can fight alongside other characters, but others will become frustrated by the repetitive gameplay and the trappings of the 'free-to-play' format. What do you think about Thor: The Dark World?

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