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According to the story, the game world is threatened by the epic monsters. You are the last hope of your land, and your main task is to customize the character with…. Games Like Book of Heroes. Win Online. The game offers two factions such as the Alliance of Light and the force of Evil and lets the player select one of them and dive into battle. Each faction has three different races and six character classes. In the game, the player can control a powerful warrior in a war…. Games Like Shaiya. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Sacred Grove. The game lets you create your own online avatar and get into the game world where you must fight against players, interact with other online players, make new friends through social networking and explore the massive….

Games Like Free Realms. The game takes place in the beautiful persistent world that is full of NPCs each one has its own lifestyle, jobs, home and schedules which can be controlled by the game system. According to the story of the game, one day a force of Orcs attack on the land, destroy the….

2. Underworld Empire

Combat Single Player Skill. Games Like Radiata Stories. The game allows the player to travel the redemption in an open-world environment, interact…. It is an open-world game where the player can strive to be the best in the world. At the beginning of the game, it allows the player choose his character and get into the game world, explore various secret rooms, takes the quest and unleash his ages….

Dungeon Hunter 3 developed and published by Gameloft. The game takes place in the Gothicus universe that is invaded by evil. It has more than sixteen massive arenas in the game, and each area of the game offers more challenging gameplay of the last one. In this game, the player can take on the role of a protagonist…. Games Like Dungeon Hunter 3. Shadow of Rome developed and published by Capcom. In this game, the player can take on the role of a protagonist named as Agrippa who can equip verity of weapons such as Sword, Bows, Sears, and Macs, etc. According to the gameplay, the player can take the third-person view in an open-world environment which allows the player to….

Games Like Shadow of Rome. Android iOS Win. It is a 3D free to play an Online game that allows the player to free move in the massive game world, collect numbers of resources, create numbers of building and units, interact with the other players, takes quests and try to complete them all.

29 Games Like Castle Age – Top Best Alternatives

The gameplay of the game consists…. Games Like Kingdom Wars. According to the story of the game, the dark force attack on the land and try to destroy them all and the game allows the player to lead the team of epic heroes, defeat all the dark lord and clear darkness. The game offers various missions, and each mission of the game is more complicated…. Games Like Elements: Epic Heroes. The ultimate task of the player is competing in a contest to win the treasure that is organized by Don Cavelier. Just like other MMORPG game it also allows the player to choose or create his character with hundreds of exciting things and get into the game world where….

Games Like Trickster Online.

Castle Age HACK

The game takes place in the medieval fantasy game world of Ganareth. There are more than 14 playable characters that consist of four classes such as Fighter, Hunter, Mage, and Heater. Each one has its own abilities, weapons, and missions. Select his favorite character and get into the game world…. Games Like Dark and Light. Explore a massively virtual fantasy world from the ground and from the skies and join the other heroes in the battle against the evil. Just like the other RPG game it also offers character customization option that allows the player his own character and gets into the game….

Castle Age HD Hack 2015

Games Like Riders of Icarus. Tree of Savior English Ver. In this game, the player can embark on an adventure to search for the goddesses in the massive fantasy world in chaos. At the beginning of the game, the player can create his character with given classes and get into the challenging game world where the player is….

Compete and cooperate with thousands of players in the massive alien world to save the humanity.

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Before starting the game, it allows the player to create his character with more one fourteen different races, weapons, outfits, and accessories. Play as a war-beaten soldier, an elusive agent or enterprising traders. Each one has…. Games Like Anarchy Online. Lineage Eternal: It is the third major title of Lineage Eternal series that take place 70 years after the inception and revolves around the battle between the descendants of Deporoju and Kenrauhel.

The player is provided with the various heroes called Eternals each has unique characteristics. Each hero of the…. Games Like Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance. At the beginning of the game, the player can create his own character with one of three categories such as Mage, Warrior, and Rogue. After creating his player, the game allows to choose his pet and get into the game world in order to complete numbers game task. The game allows the…. Games Like Arcane Legends. It is an amazing game that combines the elements of fatal attraction and chaotic violence into a unique and astonishing visual feast, allows the player to immerse himself in the world of violence and unleash your inner wildness.


Interactive Entertainment. The game lets you control The Kid, move though floating platforms in a fantasy-based environment, fight enemies, collect Shards of Rocks, Use magical powers and different weapons Swords, Hammers, knives etc. Games Like Bastion. The game allows you to explore the game world by forming a band of skilled warriors, hunting treasures and exploring the dungeons.

You have to save your homeland which is being attempted to be destroyed. Games Like Avadon: The Black Fortress. The game offers four different character classes, and each class of the game offers different abilities and playing style.

It allows the player to choose his character with class and get into the…. Games Like Dragon Hunter 4. Android iOS Amazon. Seize Your Glory developed by Warner Bros. Rise of an Empire movie inspires the game. The game takes place in the historical period where you have to assist the Greek general Themistocles…. Games Like Seize Your Glory. Android iOS Win Amazon.

The game features four different warriors and allow you choose one of them to dive into the battle where you need to fight…. Games Like Dungeon Hunter 4. Android iOS Switch Amazon.