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Thanks in advance! It is probably the most frustrating thing when you are completely locked out of iPhone.

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Just follow these tutorials which also work for disabled iPad and iPod Touch:. You will need three things: If you previously backed up your device with iTunes or iCloud, you can restore from the backup.

Part 2. How to Erase iPhone without Apple ID/Passcode

Follow Us: Just follow these tutorials which also work for disabled iPad and iPod Touch: Download and Run iPhone Recovery software on the computer. Plug your locked iPhone or iPad into the PC. I have nothing illegal on my phone, but others could strip it a way from me and turn it into something it is not. Nobody has that right. DO you really believe the cops have no way to get on your phone and get what they want anytime? It took me 5 min to go on you tube and pass on what it said to do to help this person.

iPhone and iPad remotely wiped!

I hardly doubt that a criminal would go online and plead for info on how to erase his phone. As soon as the phone has been turned on the info is gone and most if not all can be restored. I have personally done it 8 times and yes 3 because of police. Police need a warrant to check your phone and if they do not get one, than anything they steal from your phone is inadmissible in court. That does not mean they wont try or lie to you to try and bully you to let them in as it is much easier way to do.

Erase your device or a family member’s device

Fifth amendment anyone? Passlock your phone or fingerprint and refuse to open it. Apps are deleted but are always restorable in iTunes or iCloud at the very least.

Bypass/Disable/Remove Remote Management (MDM) Lock on Apple iOS Devices!

Not all free apps are restored if you did not back up, but any purchased ones can be without charge. But if it was free app, they are always downloadable again. If things were backed up, then you will be able to restore. Eventhough it says it is erasing everything, it does not tell you that it restores everything after. Everything is erased, except original apps. Settings and passwords and texts etc are ereased until restored or whatever.

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  6. I lost my phone when it was off now I remember that I have pictures of my credit cards and social: I need to know pleAse. I am trying to erase my iPhone, I have forgotten the passcode. It stops at Erase pending, how can I make it pass this stage. What if the phone is completely disabled and can not connect to the internet? The erase would just be pending.

    How to recover all your data if your iPhone was stolen or lost

    The erase and wipe request to an iPhone or iPad requires iCloud and internet access. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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    Enter your email address below: Posted by: Tim says: June 5, at 2: Matt B says: July 10, at 5: Kevin G says: January 20, at 1: Anon A Mus says: June 27, at 5: August 8, at A Mac: Enter a passcode to lock the Mac you need to use the passcode to unlock it , then enter a message. You can also use a different iOS device to erase your missing device.

    Apple Pay is disabled for your device. Credit, debit, and student ID cards are removed even if your device is offline.