My iphone 4 volume buttons dont work

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The guide below talks just about fixing the volume buttons on various iPhone models. Read on to learn how.

How to fix iphone / ipad Volume Buttons ( easiest ) - 2017

Some of the iPhone X and other model users have complained that the volume buttons have suddenly stopped working on their iPhones. If this is the situation you are in, you are probably looking for some fixes to get rid of the iPhone volume button not working issue on your device. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to possibly fix the issue on your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone fixes many issues as buttons can often get stuck systematically and a reboot restarts the entire system on your device.

Press and hold down the Sleep button on your iPhone for a few seconds and a slider will appear. Drag the slider and your iPhone will turn off. Then, press the Wake button to boot-up your iPhone and the volume button issue is likely gone from your device. One of the ways you can make things work on your iPhone 7 or any other iPhone model for that matter is by soft resetting your device. It actually works and has fixed a number of issues on various iPhone models and so it should work for you, too.

How to Fix iPhone Volume Button not Working

What you need to do to soft reset your iPhone is press and hold down the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time. Keep them held down until you see the Apple logo.

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  6. Then, let go of the buttons and your iPhone will be soft reset. It sounds more like a hardware than a software issue. Jun 30, Aug 24, 5: The same. The phone is 1 month old. When earphones are in - the volume keys work, out - don't.

    iphone 4 volume buttons not working - Apple Community

    Hard reset - didn't fix the problem. Any ideas? Sep 6, 4: Sep 16, 8: Same here Rings and message alerts do not have sound unless the headphones are plugged in Upgraded to 6. Sep 16, 9: Sep 30, 2: My problem doesn't have anything to do with headsets. I have my sounds set to Vibrate and Ring. When I go to my sound settings and check my ringtone, the ringetone is heard. The other sounds text tones, new voicemail, etc..

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    When I get a call,I hear the ringtone. However, when I get a text message or voicemail or anything else, I only get the vibrate. I've checked all my settings. This has been happening on and off over the past week to week and a half.

    Solutions for When iPhone Volume Down Button Not Working

    Also, when I press each of my volume buttons, the volume box is empty and does not show any bars, whether I press to increase the volume or press to decrease the volume. Feb 19, I have the exact same problem vercustomer. Went to the Genius Bar and was told was a hardware problem with the volume buttons and cannot be repaired.

    Any luck vercustomer?

    iPhone volume buttons not working after water damage

    To do this: Plug in your device to a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network. This should fix your issue, and most certainly means it was a software issue and not a hardware issue. A hard reset may also remedy this issue. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: