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After the completion of the scan, a detailed analysis report of the scan and any disinfections carried out is generated.

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A computer must be scanned for viruses on a regular basis to prevent the loss of data due to viruses. Open Internet Explorer and go to: Do not panic, click " OK ": Note the little warning that appears at the top of the window: Click it and choose " Install ActiveX Control ".

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  • Click " Install ": Click on " Accept " The button will be dimmed for a few seconds before you can click it: Click on " Full system scan ": Leave the antivirus download updates: The message " Preparing to scan.. Be patient: The antivirus is not dead! We will scan for malware such as viruses , worms , Trojan Horses , spam , spyware , identity theft , hacking, phishing, fraud and social engineering.

    They are all particular strains of infections that can attack your computer and yourself. Click on the term you want to know more about.

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    Why do you need online protection? The internet is teeming with threats to your computer. Some will crash your system, and some will allow criminals to get to your personal information and abuse it to empty your bank accounts, or to create credit cards and incur debts in your name. Some will lure you down dark online passageways and trick you into handing over the information yourself.

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    None of the above is particularly desirable, obviously. What you can do to protect yourself online Invest in an internet security program Always keep your security software active and updated.

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    Always keep all your other software updated. Apply common sense — and always ask your internet security support when in doubt.

    How to Remove Virus from SD card without Formatting?

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