Ny times application tally 2013

I believe for the UCs, you can answer most of your questions here: I wonder if a lot of these applications are incomplete or haphazardly completed, but added to the total tally to make the school look good. Maybe this will calm some people down.

U.C.L.A. Receives More Than 90,000 Applications for Fall 2013

My guess is that the key is divide and conquer. Anyone, no matter how qualified or unqualified, can apply for any college. In addition, without showing realistically what percentage actually gets in, the numbers exist in a vacuum.

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Actually those are not incomplete applications. It costs a substantial amount of money to apply to the UCs. I presume that they can hire a sufficient number of readers for the non-automated evaluations based on that additional revenue.

Additionally, much of the UC application evaluation process is numerically derived. Hunt around the web and you will find from prior years the form and category weight, or at least an approximation.

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UC weighted GPA and test scores are given exceptional weight. Then, there are many categories to allow those kids from difficult circumstances additional points low API school, etc.

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  • Nearly , first-year and transfer applicants to UCLA? That sorting increases the weight on numbers and reduces individual strengths of applicants expressed through their essays and life experiences.

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    But the colleges can brag — which they do — they have the most selective entering class in their history, touting admits with sky high scores who are in the top 5 percent of their high school class. And of course that drives even more applicants who want into that exclusive club the next year. News magainze. It would be interesting to have a complete account on how UCLA is going to evaluate those , applications. Even if you had readers — can they really keep in their minds which essay is better than they others out of the 1, they each read?

    Perhaps each applicant should have to list what colleges they are applying to and provide a ranking for which college they wish to attend the most so colleges would know to skip those students who rank them 15th and move on to students who rank them in the top 5 of their choices. I know for a fact that they do. I know alumni who have been part of that process. Furthermore, my personal experience is that our daughter had similar numbers and leadership activities as a friend of hers at a similar school. We feel that it had to be her essay that differentiated her.

    I am sure this is the case in my undergrad alma mater, St. Spending by cash-strapped consumers and investment by skittish businesses both grew at slightly below customary rates. On the other hand, home building and related residential activity, depressed since the onset of the financial crisis, provided a second annual lift to the economy. Employment remained an overarching problem. Not only has the job recovery been sluggish, but also a disproportionate number of those that have been created have been in lower wage occupations, such as retail clerks and fast-food workers.

    Seven of the 10 categories pay below this average. But those productivity gains have simply not been passed on to workers. Between and , productivity rose by 22 percent while wages increased by 7.

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    The divergence was particularly great over the last three years of that period — productivity up 4. For this failure of the American worker to be rewarded for his growing output, blame a variety of factors, perhaps most important, globalization, which has allowed companies to move production to whatever part of the planet offers the lowest cost labor. In that respect, American workers remain in a race to the bottom. But throughout the commotion, little mention was made of the most fundamental aspect of the law: As shown above, the end result should be better health care options for those closer to the bottom end of the income scale, through the Medicaid expansion and creation of exchanges with subsidies for most participants.

    The intended result: Bonds is a record seven-time most valuable player and the holder of the single-season and career marks for home runs; Clemens is a record seven-time winner of the Cy Young Award, with career victories. Both endured federal trials on perjury charges stemming from their denials of drug use, with Bonds being found guilty of one count of obstruction of justice in April and Clemens being acquitted of all charges last June. Without their drug links, they would be automatic choices for Cooperstown, which requires being named on at least 75 percent of the hundreds of ballots cast each December by members of the writers association.

    The Storm’s Tally

    But not now, not in a time when journalists who cover the sport are still trying to figure out what lines should be drawn in weighing achievements on the field against whatever drug use may have occurred off it. In the case of Bonds and Clemens, the line may be going more or less down the middle, leaving both players with enough voter support to not feel humiliated but without enough to gain entry to the Hall, at least for now.

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    • Over a month ago, The Associated Press surveyed more than members of the association and found Bonds with 45 percent support and Clemens with Over the last week, The New York Times did its own survey, and to the more than 60 responses added 30 additional voters who in recent weeks had publicly stated how they marked their ballots. That resulted in a combined 92 voters, representing about one-sixth of the ballots cast last year. In that sample, 43 voters or 47 percent said they were supporting Clemens and Bonds, roughly conforming to the findings in the survey by The Associated Press.

      Notably, not one person in the Times survey reported casting a vote for either Bonds or Clemens but not both.