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The best Twitter client for Windows 2018: schedule and manage your tweets

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It's that good. Delightfully productive Tweetium evolves the user experience pioneered by our first app, Newseen. Inspired by Metro but distinctly ours, this design strives to get you the most out of Twitter with the least amount of effort.

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It feels at home on any device, in any orientation, regardless of whether you're using touch, mouse, or keyboard. Fundamentally modern Tweetium is first and foremost designed to be quick and reliable. Unlike TweetDeck, the column grouping makes a little more sense. Rather than having one whole column for each list, for example, you have a Lists column.

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It saves a ton of space for a social network that can use a lot of it. Similarly, you can easily cycle between your mentions, messages, and retweets in the same space, rather than having to add an individual column for each one. Aeries also allows a ton of customization. You can also tweak gestures to your preference.

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For example, you can set a single mouse click to view tweet details, open a quick reply box, or like a tweet. This customization can come in handy for power users. The search function also allows you to save certain search parameters to easily look them up later. You can even pin certain searches to your home screen to easily keep an eye on them. If you want to apply filters across every column in one place, then this should be in the above section. On the upside, Aeries allows you to set an expiration date for filters, which is super handy for avoiding spoilers without having to remember that you filtered a topic.

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On the objectively bad side, Aeries lacks the ability to schedule tweets. For anyone who manages multiple Twitter accounts—especially for work—this is a pretty big downside.

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Tweeting from multiple accounts also requires switching dashboards, rather than simply clicking a different account thumbnail, like in TweetDeck. Simply put, if too many people use a Twitter client, new users get locked out. Finding competition for Twitter clients is tough as long as the company keeps adhering to its token limit nonsense.

TweetDeck and Aeries are functionally very similar, with only a few minor differences between them. Chiefly, you can schedule tweets and tweet from multiple accounts with fewer clicks. The major downside for some people anyway is that TweetDeck now only works on the web or as a Chrome app.

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