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It does seem like this was a re-packed old battery.

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I don't have proof of that, but I really expected a year out of it and now I am disappointed. Get what you pay for usually. Not Genuine as title says. Look at the "Samsung" font in the image It appears to be working but the life is worse than my 3 year old battery. After about 2 weeks, I'm having an issue with the battery not reporting the correct percentage. I switched back to my 3 year old Genuine Samsung battery.

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This battery has no Samsung trademark designation as shown in photo. Phone gets extremely hot during charge. Bubbles forming under plastic wrap. Discharges at same quick rate as 5 year old battery. The product did not say Samsung on it, although a note came with it saying that if I removed some label which I wasn't able to do , it would say "Samsung" on it. There was also a bubble below the covering paper, perhaps an acid leak?

Thus, the picture in the advertisement of a Samsung battery was misleading, and the product for me was unusable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / 3200 mAh Battery - Is it Genuine? - Quick Look

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The added charger is a plus! Dec OP Senior Member. Jan Sherwood Park. Oct I purchased these batteries the gold ones back when I had a GS2. My experience was they lasted about the same as the OEM.

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I think they just fudge the numbers for marketing purposes. The batteries are certainly cheaply made, I had the top terminal plates come loose on two of the ones I owned. I used them for about 2 or three years with no real issues other than the terminal plates which was fixed with a bit of tape. If you need a cheap battery to back up your existing batteries I would say they do the job. If you are looking for a higher capacity battery look elsewhere. Aug I would only trust stock samsung made batteries and anker mah for slimness, too many fakes and fire hazards with those other posers claiming to be more.

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ZeroLemon and Mugen are the go to companies for extreme battery life tho they do add extra bulk to the phone, i myself prefer the added weight it gives the note 3 as well as the protection and extended battery life it provides. The 'Gold' batteries are BS! SF Bay Area. Sales tax to CA. Subscribe to Thread.

Replacement Battery B800BE for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 3200mAh

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