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A one-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure, and white balance. Raw photo support: Import and edit photos in raw formats. TIFF support: Edit TIFF images seamlessly. Blemish removal: Remove spots, dirt, and dust from your photos with one touch. Text tool: Add text with the Photoshop Text engine working behind the scenes. Choose from a wide variety of styles to quickly get professional-quality results. Upright Photo: Easily fix perspective distortion by choosing the auto options. Slide controls for clarity, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, and vibrance.

Choose from more than 45 eye-catching effects!

1. Open An Image In Photoshop Express

Create and save your own looks. Perspective Correction: Fix those skewed photos with just a click! Choose from auto balanced or full auto , vertical, or horizontal perspective correction options. Luckily I could, and it works perfectly.

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My 2G is now getting Twitter and Facebook badge notifications. The lack of 3G will get to me, but for now at least I have a phone I can use as phone, and with push I am quite happy. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. The whited00r app store.

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Push notification works! Share this: But the Radial blur option can be useful in certain situations. Radial blur lets you blur certain parts of your image. When you select the Radial tool, two circles appear over your photo. Drag the slider right to increase the amount of blur. Anything inside the inner circle will remain in sharp focus.

Anything outside of the outer circle will be blurred. The area between the two circles is where the image transitions from sharp to blurred. You can drag the circles to a different part of the image. And you can pinch in or out with two fingers to change the size of the blurred area.

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You can also change the size of the gap between the two circles. Drag an arrow on the inner circle to control how much of the image appears sharp. Drag an arrow on the outer circle to control how much of the image is blurred. The wider the gap between the two circles, the softer the transition will be from sharp to blurred. A large gap results in a very gradual transition between the sharp and blurred areas. A narrow gap results in a harsh transition. The Photoshop Express app has a handy Spot Removal tool for erasing small objects. With a single tap, you can remove spots, blemishes, dirt, and other small distractions from your photos.

When removing small details, zoom in on the spot you want to remove. To zoom in, place two fingers close together on the screen, then drag them apart. Use the slider to set the size of the Spot Removal tool. For best results, it should be slightly bigger than the blemish you want to remove. Now tap on a small object to remove it. The area you tap will be replaced by pixels from its surroundings. You may need to tap a few times to remove it completely. Have you ever taken a portrait photo where the subject appears with red eyes?

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You can fix these problems using the Eye tool in Adobe Photoshop Express. Tap the eyes that you want to correct. The Red Eye tool also includes the option to automatically detect and correct red eyes. Add a text caption or personal message. Jazz up your photo with an artistic or cartoon-style sticker. Or apply a frame around the edge of your picture. But they can definitely add a unique touch to an image. Use them to tell a story or craft a personal message through your photos.

You many need to scroll across the icons to find it. There are four categories within the Text tool: Styles , Font , Color , and Alignment. Browse through the Styles , and tap on a style of text that you like. You can keep the default text, or delete it and type your own. To add your own text, tap the Pencil icon at the top left corner of the text box. A screen will open where you can type your text. You can customize your text using the options beneath your photo.

Tap Font to choose a different font style.

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The Stickers tool lets you add decorative or fun graphics to your photos. Stickers are grouped by mood and content. Swipe across to view the stickers, or tap any category beneath your photo. Borders are a great way to add a finishing touch to your edit. Tap the Borders icon stacked rectangles in the bottom toolbar. Basic , Edges , and Frames.

Create an EPIC PHOTO MANIPULATION With Your iPhone

Tap on a category, or swipe across to view the range of borders available. You can change the color of some of the borders using the colored dots at the bottom of your photo. One of the most powerful features of Photoshop Express is the Collage tool. This is where learning how to Photoshop on iPhone gets really creative! You can create multi-photo collages using a range of different layouts. Or try applying a collage effect to a single image. This can can result in wonderful unique abstracts.

Ensure you have a photo open in the Photoshop Express app. Beneath your photo are four categories: Reflection , Pinboard , Shapes , and Freeforms. Tap on a category, or swipe across to view the range of collage effects. Tap a collage layout to apply it to your photo. Below are some examples of collage layouts from each category. Each layout has been applied to a single photo. After applying a collage effect, the icons in the bottom toolbar give you access to a range of editing tools.

You can enhance your image with filters.

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Or customize your collage with text, stickers, borders, and backgrounds. You can easily change the color and width of the borders in your collage. Tap the Borders icon nested squares in the bottom toolbar. Rather than having a plain white background, add some texture or beautiful color to finish your edit. Tap Add , then select the image you want to use. Repeat this process to add more photos.