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Lift the handset and listen to the TADs outgoing message in the phone's receiver. When you hear the TAD's tone, indicating that you may leave your message, speak clearly into the phone, leaving a test message. Switch the TAD to rewind and begin playback of your test message. Verify that it was recorded accurately.

Radio Shack Telephone Tester Owners Manual - Model

If the TAD features remote operation, be sure to check that as well using the appropriate device. As such it should be treated accordingly. We offer the following suggestions so you will enjoy this product for many years to come. If at anytime you suspect that your unit is not performing as it should, stop by your local Radio Shack store. Our personnel are there to assist you and arrange for service, if needed. The Loop: Your phone is connected to a central office by means of a pair of wires.

This pair may be relatively short a few blocks , or much longer, such as a few miles. Usually there is a standard voltage of 50 volts DC present in your phone with the handset on the hook. If you are close to the central office, a short loop, the current might be as high as 0. If you are several miles away, a long loop, that current might be as small as 0. Although today the handset comes in many shapes and sizes, it is still comprised of a transmitter, into which you speak, and a receiver, from which you hear the other phone.

The transmitter is typically a mic made of loosely packed carbon granules. The receiver is a miniature loudspeaker. The buttons on the cradle of your phone, are connected to a multi- contact switch inside the phone's case. When you lift the handset and the switch makes an electrical connection, it is off-hook.

The phone is disconnected when the handset is on-hook.


The Ringer: While electronic ringers produce sound differently and have values unique to their family of circuits, the classic ringer consisted of a gong struck by a clapper. Today, electronic circuits produce warbles, or other new sounds. The resistance of older coils are checked by the Tester. Newer circuits are similarly tested.

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Central Office: The switching equipment that provides local exchange telephone service for a given geographical area, designated by the first three digits of the telephone number. If water should get on it, wipe it off immediately. Water contains minerals that can corrode electronic circuits. Do not store in hot areas.

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High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and can even distort or melt certain plastics. Do not drop your product. This will likely result in failure to operate. Circuit boards can crack and cases may not survive the impact. Handling your product roughly will shorten its useful life. Do not use or store in areas of high levels of dirt or dust. The electronics may be contaminated. Any moving parts will wear prematurely. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents to keep your unit looking new. You need only wipe it with a dampened cloth from time to time.

Above specifications based on VAC only. Cord Test Pass 2 or 4 conductor.

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Tests inner pair, tip and ring and outer pair. Position of conductors within the inner pair and position of conductors within the outer pair may be reversed within the pair and the cord will pass. Fail Fails on 0, 1, or 3 conductors. Also fails if one conductor in one pair is shorted to one conductor in the other pair.

Northside Dr. Within this period. Simply bring your Radio Shack sales slip as prool of purchase date to any Radio Shack slore. Warranty does not cover transpor1ation costs. Nor does it cover a product subjected to misuse or ac- cidental damage. Some states do not permit limitation or exclUSion of Implied warranties: Flag for inappropriate content. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

Hugohi Canales. Teknoz Jadhav. Nguyen Hoang Tuan. Nguyen Xuan Hieu. Mac Millan.

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Scott McCoy. Emiliano Boschetti. Policarpio D. Tena II. More From Daniel Lamy. RadioShack Is a registered trademark used by Tandy Corporation. Checking for an Active Phone Line Notes: To check Line 2, you will need a 2-line, 3-way jack avail- able at your local RadioShack store.

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Connect the phone cord to Line 1 on the jack, then to Line 2 to test each line separately. Plug one end of a modular tele- phone cord not supplied into a telephone wall jack. You do not need to press PUSH for this test. Polarity reversal could interfere with data transfer and the operation of some devices, such as answering ma- chines and modems.

Checking a Telephone Cord To check the status of a telephone cord, follow these steps. One indicator iights. An open status takes prior- ity over a short. You will need to retest the cord after it has been repaired or replaced.

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  8. Checking a Coaxial Cable To check the status of a coaxial cable, follow these steps. Hold down PUSH. One indicator lights. You will need to retest the cable after it has been repaired or replaced. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. If your tester is not perform- ing as it should, take it to your local RadioShack store for assistance.

    Some states do not aiiow the iimitations on how iong an impiied warranty iasts or the exciusion of in- cidentai or consequentiai damages, so the above iimitations or exciusions may not appiy to you. RadioShack wiii, at its option, un- iess otherwise provided by iaw: Aii repiaced parts and products, and products on which a refund is made, become the prop- erty of RadioShack. New or reconditioned parts and products may be used in the performance of warranty service.