Iphone dfu modus ohne power button

This article helped me a lot to resolve my issue. Being an iPhone user my home key is not working from past 2 months and by iPhone recently gets bricked. So after reading this article i am able resolve my issue.

Put iPhone in DFU Mode & Restore iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

Thank you very much for sharing this app. Thank you, Lord! My home button broke and my iPhone was locked out.

Part 2. Fix Your iPhone from DFU Mode to Normal State without Data Loss

I needed to restore it. Thanks to this app, it worked and brought me to the restore prompt so I can restore it with iTunes.

ios - How do I get out of a boot loop with an iPhone with a broken power button? - Ask Different

Useless piece of software that I will have to remove from my Mac…. Share Tweet. How To.

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  • 2 Methods to Put iPhone in DFU Mode (No Home Button)?
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  • iPhone ausschalten mit dem Power-Button.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This app was surprisingly easy and quick and worked like a charm.

Part 1: Put An iPhone in DFU Mode

Thank you. Rahul mishra December 2, It stays there for a few minutes, then resets and gets stuck again, and so on until i turn it off by holding down the home button for a while. Any chance of restoring the phone somehow? Is it the power button that is broken or could it be the motherboard?

Try this tutorial: Hold the Home button down and keep holding it down while you plug the phone into your computer. Continue to hold the button down until you get a "iPhone detected Follow the screen instructions to restore.

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  6. Colocon Mitglied: Ist dies eine gute Frage? Ja Nein. Step 4: Fix whatever is making the device loop.

    Let it run out of battery. Open iTunes. Connect it to your computer and hold the home button as you plug it in. This should enter DFU and iTunes will prompt to restore it. Kevin Chen Kevin Chen 1, 10 RecBoot is often useful in these situations.

    iPhone ausschalten – so gehts mit und ohne Power-Button

    Thomas Jones Thomas Jones 1, 5 Follow these steps: Connect one end of the USB cable to your computer, but let the other end not connect to your iPhone. Turn your iPhone off. When the phone is off, hold down the home button and connect the other end of USB cable which should still be attached to your computer to the dock connector.

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    I tried to switch to recovery mode and that's how it worked for me after hours and month: Also there will be a new screen with "iTunes" and Lightning adapter—that's the right way. Michelle Went Michelle Went 1. Ehsan Shaukat Ehsan Shaukat 1.